Botanical Personal Perfume - AUTUMN BREEZE- crisp slightly citrus heavy hints of patchouli - Lizzy Lane Farm Apothecary

Botanical Personal Perfume - AUTUMN BREEZE- crisp slightly citrus heavy hints of patchouli

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Autumn Breeze- the fall breezes always bring hints of what's to come soon. crisp leaves blowing around the scent of ripe apples, damp earth with most plants drying out and resting after a brilliant display all summer. This is a time to slow down and notice everything around you.

Our interpretation combines deep dark patchouli that is an earthy scent blended with a bit of citrus and touches of clove.

Botanical Perfume Oil is a wonderful way to enjoy natural scents without the slap you in the face smell of alcohol or chemical scents so many have allergies to. Natural perfumes are soft and sensitive that blends with your own chemistry and will smell slightly different on everyone who wears it.

Natural Perfume oils do not have synthetic scents, Paraben, or chemicals just pure organic botanicals. Ours have beautiful dried herbs added to the oil and their essence will over time infuse into your perfume, and they are pretty to look at and a sweet reminder that it is a natural perfume. Because there are no preservatives you should use your perfume within 1 year.

Blended with fast absorbing coconut oil the natural essences will blend into your skin for a scent that only you or those close to you can smell. This is one of the things I love about these botanical perfume oils, it almost like your own little happiness you don’t have to share with others if you don’t want to.

All ingredients are certified organic and are blended in small batches and shipped to you in glass roll on bottles.


  • 1/3-ounce bottles have a metal roll on applicator and the
  • sample sized are 1/48 oz. (1/6th dram) the perfect size for a few uses.