Bayberry Wax Pine Cone Candle

$ 14.00

✿ True Bayberry pillar candle

✿ medium sized pinecone shaped pillar candle

✿ 3” (7.62cm) x 2” (5cm)

✿ Organic cotton wick-- Trim wick to ¼” (.63cm) before burning

✿ Natural earthy bayberry scent (no additional scent added)

✿ Natural Sage green color (no additional colorants added)

✿ No chemical additives

✿ Organically grown genuine Bayberry wax and a small amount of organically produce Beeswax, to aid in the dripping and burn time of this candle.

✿ Place pillar candle on a heat safe candle stand/container. Bayberry DOES drip!

✿ Never leave candles burning unattended and out of reach of pets and children

Genuine Bayberry wax is the most expensive wax available today and for good reason. It takes 15 pounds of bayberries to make a single pound of fruit wax, sometimes called bayberry tallow. An early New England tradition that is still carried on today in many families, including ours. In late fall/early winter the berries are collected and rendered into the treasured wax to make candles with.

Tradition say to burn bayberry candles on Christmas or New Year’s eve will bring abundance and good fortune to the home. Bayberry candles have always been a traditional gift given to close friends and family over the holidays.

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