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Our scented tarts and scent shots are inspired by the sights, scents and bounty coming from our kitchen gardens. Bringing the scents inspired by the Farmers Markets and days gone by into your home, one perfect wax tart at a time.

It used to be most families had a garden outside the kitchen and a pantry full of their harvest; others had groceries delivered or went “to the market”. Stop on in our market and have a look around the offerings are always new and always changing.

✿?Highly fragrant wax melts, unlike any other in the USA.

✿?Wax melts made with premium, highly scented natural 100% soy waxes.

✿?Perfect in any tart warmer alone or combine tarts to create your own designer scents.

✿?Poured by hand one set at a time and packaged in earth friendly bakery paper and twine ready for use, display or gift giving. Each wrapped package contains 2 (two break-apart bars)

✿?Tarts measure 3” x 2” (76mm x 50mm) and weight 5.5 oz. (156g) total.

✿?100% GMO free Soy grown in the USA with sustainable methods.

✿?100% Phthalate-Free (does not contain Dibutyl Phthalate) PREMIUM fragrance and essential oils, blended in our own Farm House Summer Kitchen (NOT a mass produced fragrance)

✿?Colorant (dye) free

✿?Contains No petroleum, palm, or paraffin

✿?Contains No pesticides and NO herbicides

✿?NOT tested on animals