mini apothecary bottle with polished rose quarts gems
polished rose quartz small stones
rose quartz healing stones, wishing bottle

Gemstone Wishing Bottles | Tumbled Rose Quartz | Love, Protection, Healing |

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Who doesn't love apothecary bottles full of tumbled stones...

Rose quartz is an important gem for the heart, it teaches the true essence of love: unconditional, absolute, infinite, non-judgemental. It purifies and opens the heart, bringing deep inner healing, self-love, inner peace and harmony. It also attracts new love of all kinds, heals heartbreak and brings harmony to existing relationships. It’s also associated with the Heart & Sacral chakras.

These apothecary bottles are perfect for so many things, measuring about 2 1/2" tall (these are petite and tiny to fit in the palm of your hand) and hold about 30 grams (1 ounce) of polished genuine rose quarts stones ethically harvested but you will want to cleanse and charge them yourself.


*Choking Hazard
*Keep Away From Children and Pets