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Lizzy Lane Farm

Bulk Dusting Powder: PICK • YOUR • SCENT :: Essential Oil Blends

Bulk Dusting Powder: PICK • YOUR • SCENT :: Essential Oil Blends

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Bulk Dusting Powder

These bulk refills are large enough to keep you refreshed for many days to come. Add to your own containers... 

This Collection


This is our essential oil dusting powder collection, scented only with pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Some have finely ground herbs added.

Dusting Powders from Lizzy Lane Farm are an exceptional, uplifting & joyful experience every single time. All-natural ingredients make them a great all-around, everyday body powder for your entire family. Our powders are always soft, always silky, and always a treat!




Custom blended & handmade in our Farm House Summer Kitchen. 
Our powders & scents are a proprietary blend made right here in our Summer Kitchen Workshop and Lizzy Lane Farm is the only place to find them. Ingredients include organic arrowroot, natural clays, plant essential oils, and resins.

  • GMO & Gluten-free
  • Talc & Cornstarch free
  • Paraben-free & Phthalate-free
  • Colorant free & vegan friendly
  • Organic & natural ingredients
  • scented with pure plant essential oils and resins.

  • foot powder
  • dry shampoo
  • unscented makes a great dry shampoo for your pets
  • pick your scent


Keep it Fresh


Your dusting powder will arrive in a food-safe storage bag to keep it fresh. I hope you will return it to a glass air-tight container as that is the way it has been stored while here on the farm.


The Scents

Herbal Blend: This blend includes finely ground and powdered fresh Calendula, Chamomile, and Lavender flower blossoms and is lightly scented with additional lavender essential oils.

Herbal Blend Unscented: The same powder without the added lavender oil.

Herbal Lavender: This is the same fabulous organic powder with dried lavender buds and added lavender essential oils. The scent is true lavender.

Herbal Lavender Unscented: The same powder with lavender buds and without the added lavender oils.

Herbal Chamomile: Our perfect powder with added Chamomile blossoms, lightly scented with pure lavender oil.

Herbal Chamomile Unscented: The Same powder without the added lavender oils.

Patchouli- All natural plant essential oils, cool dark earthy well seasoned!

Patchouli Lavender- robust dark patchouli with touches of lavender.

Lavender-All natural essential oil blend of our 3 favorite lavender varieties.

Lavender Mint- blending lavender and fresh mints.

Lavender Rosemary-brisk, sharp, and a favorite around here.

Black Forest- is the familiar scent of dark patchouli tangling with blood orange, dried musky roses, fruit seed and clove buds add their own touches to this delightful combination.

Tea Tree- pungent and great for all sorts of layering combinations.

Smoky Mirror-This one is dark and sharp!! the first thing you smell is the dark patchouli then the rosemary and eucalyptus peek through above the smokey hints of vetiver. Men and the ladies in their lives love this one...

Tea Tree Patchouli- a classic combination. Many enjoy.

Lemongrass Lavender- lemongrass is sweet with a lemony fragrance, combined with a slightly camphoric lavender.




Your botanical dusting powder will arrive in pretty bulk packaging that may change seasonally. 6 or 12 oz by weight. Ready for your own containers. Hint: If you cut the bottom corner off the bag it will pour very easily into whatever container you would like.



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