Hawaiian Black Lava Soaking Salts: Hazel-orchid, lemon, tangerine,eucalyptus, lavender tulip

$ 12.00

||: Limited Edition :||

Botanical healing properties at its best. Enjoy the benefits

.pure therapeutic grade essential oils
.fresh dried botanicals: tulip petals, lavender buds
.reusable genuine Weck canning jar imported from the UK
.reusable organic muslin drawstring herb bag
.lots of uses: bath salts, air freshener, room, ritual work, alters, positive energy work
.available in 2 sizes

our soaking salts are a blending of black lava, atlantic & himalayan salts, epsom salts and therapeutic grade essential oils and herbs.

||: pick your size :||

.large: 12 oz in genuine Weck jar
.small: sample size 3 oz in a resealable milk bottle

||: This scent :||

Hazel, an exceptional sweet blending of tropical orchids, meyer lemons, fresh tangerine, and eucalyptus dancing with fresh dried lavender and tulip petals.

.use in the tub either loose or place in the included muslin bag.
.use for clearing energy from spaces. many will sprinkle salts over the threshold of their door ways and in .corners of their rooms.
.use as a natural room freshener and potpourri


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