Natural Deodorant

||: Natural Vegetable Protein Deodorant :|| 

Our vegetable protein deodorants use a natural & vegan approach to fight odor. Vegetable proteins neutralize the enzymes (that cause odor) into a simple salt, making it a great alternative to commercial brands that contain aluminum and bactericides. This deodorant is an easy gliding, solid gelled stick that is packaged in a twist up tube.
There is no antiperspirant in this deodorant, so you may experience sweating, this is the bodies natural way of cooling itself and getting rid of harmful toxins. You will experience a decrease in sweating after a few days as your body's chemistry gets used to natural deodorants.
🌼 3 oz. capacity twist up recycled plastic tube- will last several months
🌼 non-staining
🌼 non-greasy
🌼 aluminum free