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Copper Rust Proof Antique Kilner Jar Soap Dispenser-Soap, Foaming Soap Pump

Copper Rust Proof Antique Kilner Jar Soap Dispenser-Soap, Foaming Soap Pump

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🍃 🌼Vintage Kilner Mason Jar Soap Dispenser with genuine copper lid and Pump.🍃 🌼

This vintage style preserve jars are back in production! Kilner jars have been around since 1842 and these come to us straight from the UK- then transformed into a sturdy soap dispenser. This says country farmhouse!

These very pretty 1 pint (0.5L) jars have the authentic beaded design and heavy weight so typical of the period. The jar side reads: Kilner 1842. The dispensers feature a rust proof stainless steel lid with a copper lid and a matching finished pump. These are perfect for soap, lotions, hand sanitizers & oils.

If you want the antique feel in your country home this is the dispenser for you. Nothing says farmhouse more than vintage mason jars.

🌼 Durable glass Kilner vintage preserve jar 1 pint (0.5 liter)
🌼 Authentic period shaped & beaded design
🌼 Iconic “Kilner Est 1842” embossed lettering
🌼 Rust proof solid copper lid
🌼 High quality metal soap pump in matching brushed bronze finish-your choice of pump style (regular soap, foaming soap)
🌼 Preserve jar is dishwasher safe, hand wash lid and pump.
🌼 Food grade dispenser pump-safe for food, soap, lotion or oils
🌼 Height (Jar only): 5.25” (127mm approx.)
🌼 Height (with pump): 7” (18cm approx.)
🌼 Diameter: 4” (98mm approx.)🌼 Heavy thick glass
🌼 Holds 1 pint of liquid soap, hand sanitizer, massage oil or lotion. These are food grade pumps.
🌼 PLEASE read the entire listing before making your purchase.

🌸Please note:🌸
These new lids are solid stainless steel and have an added protective barrier inside the jar. As with any metal soap dispenser lid you will want to keep them clean; for years of dependable use.
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