Black Styrax Resin
Black Styrax Resin
Black Styrax Resin
Black Styrax Resin

Black Styrax Resin Incense. Peaceful vibrations, Sensual energy and to Protect against negativity.

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Black Styrax Resin Incense

Call in peace and relaxation...


Black Styrax has been used to create an environment of peace and relaxation as far back as the Egyptian civilization. Styrax is called for in many Medieval and Ancient recipes. It is burnt to protect against negativity in many magical traditions and has sensual, loving, and inspiring qualities.


Botanical Name: Styrax benzoin

Origin: Germany

Organic: cultivated



1/2 oz. by volume in cork top apothecary bottle, These petite bottles are 2.5" tall x 7/8" in diameter. That's about .7 ounces by weight, which is a generous amount. This Black Styrax resin is very potent and will last a very long time.


The Scent

Our STyrax has carefully harvested in Germany and directly shipped to us. This scent is mysterious and very magical with a sweet, almost powder-like aroma than other Styrax varieties.


How to Use Styrax Incense


Even though this is charcoal-like in looks and feel, this will not burn on its own. You will need charcoal.

Burn resin on a charcoal disc or incorporate it into your own work.

How to burn using charcoal discs:
• Prepare a heatproof bowl by adding about 1" of sand/ash/salt (this disperses the heat)
• Hold disc with tongs. Light disc until it starts to spark. Set into a bowl on top of sand/ash/salt.
• Wait a few minutes for the disc to heat.
• Sprinkle a pinch of loose incense onto the burning disc.
• Enjoy the pleasant aroma and healing benefits!
• When burned up, use tongs to clear off the disc.
• Sprinkle another pinch of incense. Repeat as many times as you want.
• When done – either cover the bowl or let it burn to ash. Discard when cooled.