Organza Lavender Sachets| Shower favors, Wedding favors

$ 12.00

Lavender sachets always please...

Lavender favor bags are stuffed to overflowing with our quality organic Lavender buds that have been infused with pure, organic lavender essential oils. These sachets have scent staying power and we include a small refill vial of refresher oils.

♥ Organic lavender buds
♥ choose your quantity of sachets with small vial of lavender essential oils.
♥ 3 x 4" (7.62cm x 10.1cm)
highly scented with our blend of Provincial, Bulgarian and Spanish lavender oils...provoking for when ordinary just won't due.

I love to tuck them in dresser drawers, the pockets of winter coats when I put them away for the season, beautiful little thank you gifts, shower favors, under the car seats, in my linen chest, in the linen closet, tack trunks, even my back pack for when I need a quick calm- me- down moment.

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