Organic Burdock Root- Loose Dried Herb (Arctium lappa)

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Freshly dried and small cut...

Organic Burdock Root

Botanical Name: Arctium lappa

Origin: China

Organic: US grown- or wildcrafted

Size Available:

  • Loose:1 ounce=about 1 cup   1/2 pound=8 ounces=about 8 cups   1 pound=16 ounces=about 16 cups. 
    Caffeine-free: No 

    Notes: Also known as Greater Burdock, Edible Burdock, or Lappa Burdock. Most commonly used as a tea when mixed with Dandelion root. A pleasant mild taste.

    Used for Burdock Tea, Burdock Tincture, Burdock Salve no wonder it's a time tested favorite among herbalists across the world.



    The Organic Burdock Root- Loose Dried Herb (Arctium lappa) destined to impress, and priced at only $ 2.25, for a limited time.

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