Organic Beeswax Votive Candle- Natural Ivory

$ 5.00

These wooden wick crackle votive candle are poured by hand with organic ivory beeswax and make a beautiful addition to your home. Soot and smoke free are great for those with allergies.

✿ Organic Beeswax votive candle
✿ natural wooden crackle wick- the sound of a small campfire
✿ 3” (7.62cm) x 2” (5cm)
✿ Organic cotton wick-- Trim wick to ¼” (.63cm) before burning
✿ Natural earthy beeswax scent (no additional scent added)
✿ Natural ivory color (no additional colorants added)
✿ No chemical additives
✿ Place votive candle on a heat safe candle stand/container. Beeswax DOES drip!
✿ Never leave candles burning unattended and out of reach of pets and children

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