Mother Hen Chicken Candle-Organic Beeswax or Bayberry Wax

$ 12.00

balk, balk, here she comes... a cute little mother hen ready to liven up your home and bring smiles to your face.

100% organic bayberry votive candles are hand poured and have a sweet earthy scent and a sage green color. 

Our beeswax is a golden yellow color coming from the wildflowers of New Hampshire via the honeybee and the hive. US Beeswax

♥ Handmade in our Summer Kitchen ♥

Please keep in mind our molded candles are poured by hand one at a time here at our farm in our studio, and may have slight imperfections. Each batch of beeswax may vary in color and scent. Keep away from children and pets, as with any candle. Avoid drafts to prevent dripping

✿ True Bayberry OR beeswax candle

✿ small sized chicken candle

✿ 2 5/8" tall, 2 3/4" front to tip of tale

✿ Organic cotton wick-- Trim wick to ¼” (.63cm) before burning

✿ Natural earthy bayberry scent (no additional scent added)

✿ Natural Sage green color (no additional colorants added)

✿ No chemical additives

✿ Organically grown genuine Bayberry wax and a small amount of organically produce Beeswax, to aid in the dripping and burn time of this candle.

✿ Place candle on a heat safe candle stand/container. Bayberry DOES drip!

✿ Never leave candles burning unattended and out of reach of pets and children

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