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Unique blended personal perfume oils

Our perfume oils are concentrated fragrance oils or pure botanicals and resins blended in a base of organic coconut oil. The resulting perfume oil is super light, quickly absorbed, and is non-staining. These perfume oils roll on instead of being sprayed; the scent is worn closer to you rather than typical alcohol-based sprays. These perfume oils don’t evaporate as quickly as alcohol-based perfumes, no waiting for the alcohol to dissipate before you get the true scent of the perfume.

Because there are no preservatives you should use your perfume within 1 year.

||: Botanical Perfume Oils :|| 

Are natural perfumes that are soft and sensitive that blends with your own chemistry and will smell slightly different on everyone who wears it. Blended with fast absorbing organic coconut oil the natural essences will blend into your skin for a scent that only you or those close to you can smell. This is one of the things I love about these botanical perfume oils, it almost like your own little happiness you don’t have to share with others if you don’t want to.

Made with botanical essence oil and resins that are pure, simple scents blended perfectly. Infusing in each bottle are fresh dried botanicals to further enhance the oils. Not only pleasant to use but to look at too... the herbs are a nice reminder that your perfume is all natural.


||: Scented Perfumes :||

 Perfume Oils are skin safe, Paraben free high quality fragrance oils blended in organic coconut oil... We use these skin safe oils for scents you can’t find in essential oils or resins.


 :||Dry Oil Sprays :||

Are non greasy skin loving organic oils infused in Calendula, blended with organic plant oils, resins, and waters. Great just after a bath or shower or use as a hair conditioner to control the frizzies and add moisture to your hair.

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