Midget mason jar
midget mason jar with galvanized wire caddy

Midget Pint Hero Cross Jar with Wire Caddy

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This smaller green mason jar was reproduced from a sought-after antique midget pint Mason jar.

The size, shape and color of the original were carefully reproduced. The jar side reads: Mason's patent Nov 30th 1859. The bottom of the jar reads H430 just like the originals. This jar also features nice smooth side seams.

The galvanized wire mason jar holder is also a lovely reproduction. This will also hold regular sized mason jars.

If you want the antique feel in your country home this is the jar for you. Nothing says farmhouse more than vintage mason jars. Such a nice size to hold anything from loose tea, to dried herbs and spices.

  •  Made from recycled glass
  •  Pretty medium shade green
  •  Height of jar is about 6" (15cm) and 8" (20cm) Diameter is 3.25" (8.25cm)
  • The opening of the jar is NOT a standard size or thread- regular mason jar lids will NOT fit this jar (we do not have replacements for it.)
  •  Holds 1 pint of liquid