black bear claws full set front and back
black bear claws full sets front and back
black bear claw measurment

Real Black Bear Claws- full set front and back (4 paws total)

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Real Black Bear Claws- full set front and back 4 paws total


This is a complete set of 4 paws; 2 front and 2 back from the same bear. All are in very nice shape and are ready for your project.

The items pictured are the actual set you will receive, these are not stock photos. Please let the pictures be part of the description.



  • 1.5"-2" long 
  • rough cleaned so you can finish your way.
  • Click on the image to get a better look at them.


These are legal to sell in NH; you will want to check with your local laws to be sure they are legal in your area.



set: full set of 4 bear claws. Care was taken to keep each claw from each paw in the correct order and position. IE: left front claw first toe is exactly that. Each bear claw is marked with the correct position from the bear.